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Joshua Gippin is committed to producing documentaries that help make the world a better place. His films have appeared on PBS and in film festivals and conferences around the world. 

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Here is a partial filmography: 

2019 - SISTER - THE LIFE MINISTRY OF SISTER CATHERINE WALSH  Her ministry has taken her from Cleveland’s inner city during the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s, to El Salvador in the 1990s, and back to Akron, where she advocates for immigrants and provides a home for those in need.

2017 - THE CHOSEN PEOPLE? A FILM ABOUT JEWISH IDENTITY  There are competing narratives around chosenness in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. What are the implications of this rivalry and how might it be an obstacle to peace?

2012 - PORTRAITS OF LIFE, LOVE AND LEGACY THROUGH PEDIATRIC PALLIATIVE CARE  In this film, seven families share intimate stories of unthinkable journeys caring for their own seriously ill or dying children. Their close partnerships with a pediatric palliative care team helps ease the suffering on many levels.

2012 - NO ROADMAP: CAREGIVER JOURNEYS  This film features four families who reveal their insights about providing care for an elder family member. The film is utilized as an educational tool to help health care professionals understand and empathize with caregivers. 

2009 - THE BUBBA BRIEFS: A MOTION PORTRAIT OF MY GRANDMOTHER  This film preserves the life stories of the filmmaker's grandmother, so they may be passed down to future generations.

Joshua Gippin, Producer/Director, Joshua Tree Productions

2008 - GOD AS WE UNDERSTAND HIM: A FILM ABOUT FAITH AND THE TWELVE STEP MOVEMENT  This film explores how people of various faiths and creeds work the 12 Steps and support one another in fellowship. This film is utilized in support groups around the world to help people overcome spiritual obstacles to recovery.

2008 - THE BIRTH OF AMELIA ROSE  This film documents the birth of the filmmaker's daughter. With over 1.5 million views, this film has proven to have a very calming effect on expectant mothers who harbor anxiety about child birth.

2006 - THE GRIZZLED WIZARD OF WASTE NOT WANT NOT  This film calls for stewardship of the planet, as seen through the eyes of P.R. Miller, a local junk artist. 

2003 - THE RAISED MACHETE: FARM WORKER VOICES FROM ECUADOR  This film addressed the struggles faced by farm workers in a tiny South American country that must contend with powerful global forces. 

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