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This film thoughtfully illuminates the complexities of Jewish identity today. Multiple voices are allowed to speak, and each sheds light on the history, theology, and debates surrounding Judaism - its faith and people. Jew and non-Jew alike will profit from this film! 

- Rabbi David Ellenson, Chancellor Emeritus of Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion

A wonderfully provocative film that gently probes the question of the chosen people as seen through the eyes of Jews and Christians, young and old.  Joshua Gippin's disarming narration carries you along through an exploration of history, religious conflict, theological debates, and contemporary confusion. 

- Deborah Dash Moore, Ph.D, prolific Jewish historian, 3-time winner of the National Jewish Book Award  

“The Chosen People? A Film about Jewish Identity” cover image

As a psychologist with interests in religion, I found this film to be a rich, fascinating exploration of the struggles that people experience around the concept of being specially chosen by God.

- Julie Exline, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology, Case Western Reserve University

This documentary is about much more than just Jewish identity. I hope one of the big takeaways is that no religious or ethnic group can claim to be 'God's Chosen People' to the exclusion of all other religious and ethnic groups. We humans are all made in God's image, each with our own unique purpose for being alive.   - Filmmaker Joshua Gippin

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